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DGP-GZ-2 Automatic tracking type filling machine
Product Detail

Major characteristics

This Automatic tracking type filling machine specially designed for daily chemical enterprise. During filling, the bottle will not stop, bottle moving and filling action at the same time.

(1)PLC controlled, friendly touch screen control.

(2) Famous brand electrical and pneumatic components used to guarantee machines quality and long life service time.

(3)Bottle inlet counting, quantitative filling, bottle outlet counting, and serious motions can be done automatically.

(4)Simple structure, easy operation, Low noise, reliable running, accurate filling.

Technical parameter:

1.Power: 220V;50Hz

2.Power supply: 2KW

3.filling head: 2

4.Air source: 0.6Mpa clean and compressed air

5. Bottle size: dia. :Φ40mm~Φ110mm; height : 60mm~300mm

6. Production capacity: ≦ 1800 bottles/hour

7. Machine weight: about 600Kg

8. Machine dimension (L×W×H): 2000mm×500mm×1200mm


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